Instructions for Applicants / Reapplicants

The steps of the Application Process:

Your Application, Fees, and Deadlines

1. When you are ready to take the CIH Examination, you will create an account and apply online by visiting our Computer Application and Portfolio System (CAPS) (click here). This will tell us about you and your IH background. 

2. There is a non-refundable, one-time Application Fee of $150.00 (payable on our CAPS system) for the review. 

3. If you want to take the Spring Exam (offered during April and May), we require that all application and supporting materials including transcripts and references be sent or uploaded by February 1. If you are planning to take the Fall exam (offered during October and November), we require that all materials be received by August 1.

Your College or University Degrees

1. We require official transcripts or secure e-transcripts for your college or university degree(s). They must show all degree courses with dates of completion. They must be sent directly to BGC via surface mail or email. Official transcripts in a sealed envelope with the registrar's stamp across the seal are acceptable.

We cannot accept transcripts uploaded, mailed, or emailed directly from the applicant.

2. International degrees need a credential evaluation. It can be obtained from a member organization of either NACES or AICE. For details, see the Instructions for Review of International Degrees.

6005 W St. Joseph Hwy Ste 300
Lansing, MI  48917

Your Work Experience

You will need to show that you have worked for at least 4 years (48 months) at a professional IH level. One year or 6 months of credit is granted to graduates of an ABET-accredited IH program with a master’s or bachelor’s degree, respectively.

1. Answer the questions about your work experiences as prompted by CAPS. 

2. Avoid generic statements like "Recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental factors which may relate to worker illness or impaired health".  Provide sufficient details on your professional responsibilities to clearly highlight your IH activity.

Your Professional References

1. Send a Professional Reference Questionnaire (PRQ) to each of your references. Have them email their completed form directly to We require at least 2: 1 from your current supervisor and 1 from a CIH familiar with your practice. 

2. If you claim credit for any other work, have each previous supervisor also complete the questionnaire. Relatives or someone you supervise cannot be used as a reference.

3. If you cannot offer a CIH reference, check this Alternative.

Sumbit your completed Application

Your application will not be reviewed until it is complete. 


For questions about completing your application, contact us at or at (517) 853-5765.

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