To obtain certification as a CIH, an Examinee must:

1. Submit a completed application and have it approved
2. Receive notice that he or she is approved to sit for the exam
3. Pay the examination fee of $350
4. Schedule the location and time of your exam with Prometric
5. Pass the Exam!

Key Support Information

An ABIH examinee is a person who has met the qualifications for education and experience and, through the application process, has formally expressed the desire to participate in the CIH examination.

The intended purpose of the exam is to help ensure that professionals working in this field have the skills and knowledge that have been identified as being important in the practice of industrial hygiene.

The exam is part of the overall certification process. It is the intent of ABIH that the exam be fair, reasonable, current, and representative of a broad range of industrial hygiene topics. Exams are offered electronically at Prometric testing locations during two windows (April-May and October-November) each year. Exams can be scheduled anytime within those windows. Some test centers are open Sundays, but some are not. The application deadlines are February 1 for the Spring exam window and August 1 for the Fall exam window.

The CIH exam consists of 150 scored items and an additional 30 experimental questions. The exam is 5.0 hours in length with an optional 30 minute break in the middle.

Each Examinee successfully passing the CIH examination receives a certificate, has access to the CIH private roster, and is allowed to use the ABIH-awarded certification terms “Certified Industrial Hygienist” and “CIH”. These terms are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as is the ABIH logo and the terms “American Board of Industrial Hygiene” and “ABIH”.

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