Feedback Management

At BGC, we strive to meet client needs and expectations while continuously improving our products and services. We encourage input by surveying various stakeholder groups and by providing a means for unsolicited feedback from anyone who has an interest in BGC. We allow unsolicited input to be submitted at any time using one of the processes identified below:

For Use Description Who Can Use
Ethics Complaints Ethics Case Procedures File a complaint against an BGC Applicant or Diplomate Anyone
Adverse Certification Decisions Certification Appeals Procedure File an appeal to complain, challenge or claim irregularity regarding applications, examination, recertification or reactivation

Applicants Examinees Diplomates

General Feedback Contact Form Improvement suggestions, praise, complaints, observations or concerns not associated with the above two processes. (see description below) Anyone



General Feedback Process

The following process describes how BGC will address feedback in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner.

Clients of BGC products or services are encouraged to provide written or verbal feedback as soon as possible to the point of service.

Feedback is held in confidence within BGC unless the person providing the feedback specifically allows broader sharing to other individuals or organizations.

Feedback sent to BGC is directed to the person responsible for the area of input, e.g. feedback on the qualifications process is directed to the Certification Applications Manager.

The BGC representative will:

  • Respond (if needed) in a timely manner, consistent with a spirit of mutual cooperation and client sensitivity
  • Identify feedback that has merit, i.e. is relevant and consistent with BGC process and performance improvement opportunities
  • Evaluate, prioritize and address feedback that has merit
  • Record feedback that has merit and then share it within BGC

Complaints are a special form of general feedback that BGC treats seriously. A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction or concern as it relates to BGC products, services, decisions, performance, behavior and conduct. Prior to filing a written complaint, BGC encourages but does not require verbal discussions with Staff to ensure that all facts are complete, clear and accurate.

In addition to the general feedback process above, BGC and the Complainant agree to these additional actions in order to treat the feedback as a complaint.

All complaints must be in writing and identified as a complaint. Use the Contact BGC form or contact an BGC Staff or Director.

The Staff person most knowledgeable about the area of complaint will lead efforts to:

  • Evaluate complaint validity (e.g., realistic, reasonable, feasible, and consistent with BGC strategy)
  • Ask for additional information when needed
  • Coordinate BGC efforts to identify corrective/preventative actions if needed
  • Respond to the Complainant in writing

If the Staff person is the subject of the complaint, other BGC Staff or Management will lead the complaint management effort.

At any time, a Complainant can request another Staff person to lead the complaint management by sending a written request to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

If a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, a Complainant has the right to contact the CEO. Final authority on resolving a complaint resides with the CEO of BGC.

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