1. Active Practice

Point Limits

  IH practice is Claim Min./Cycle Max./Cycle
CIH? > 50%
< 50%
3 points/12 months
%IH practice and number of months-
This will auto-calculate in the worksheet
based on a linear formula from >0 to <50
None 15 points
CAIH? > 20%
< 20%
2 points/12 months
0 points
None 10 points


IH Practice

Twenty percent (20%) IH practice is roughly equivalent to 360 hours per year. Fifty percent (50%) IH practice is roughly equivalent to ~900 work-hours per calendar year. These are guideline estimates, not prescriptive rules.

ABIH? does not ask that Diplomates keep precise work history records but CM credit claimed in Category 1 should be consistent with the Diplomates work activities and job responsibilities.

ABIH believes that the IH professional boundaries are constantly in flux as CIHs do more with their knowledge and skills and as the profession adapts to changing business and population needs.

Consequently, precise definitions of what is, or is not, IH do not exist. In general, if the work aligns with the IH Rubrics or the CIH Exam Blueprint, it can be counted as IH. Diplomates are advised to consult with ABIH if there are any questions about their professional practice areas. 

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Diplomate records must be consistent with the dates and activities listed on the CM worksheet. If the work experience cannot be verified, the Diplomate should not list the item on the worksheet.

Acceptable records include but are not limited to:

  • Any documentation showing company logo or letterhead, bearing the Diplomates name and organizational title.
  • Correspondence from the employer (past or current) attesting the Diplomate's work history dates and job responsibilities in a company.

Diplomates should retain records until after a recertification decision has been made.

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