Annual Fees

Payment  & Penalties

Payment of annual fees is a condition of maintaining certification. Annual fees are paid in advance of the upcoming year. Diplomates are sent several email notices of payment beginning in September of each year. 

In addition to the annual fee, those CIHs passing their exam during the Spring window will be assessed a partial-year annual fee in June, shortly following the closing of the Spring exam window.

All fees must be postmarked or paid online by the due date. If not paid on time, the Diplomate will owe an additional late fee and will be classifed as "not in good standing" with BGC. The Diplomate will be removed from the public roster and also have reduced functionality on their CAPS profile.

If fees are unpaid for 2 consecutive years, the Diplomate will decertified in the 3rd year. When a Diplomate fails to maintain their certification, BGC sends a written notice of expiration to the person’s current postal mailing address.  BGC publishes the names of persons whose certification has expired or has been revoked.

Annual and partial-year fees are non-refundable.

Fee Adjustments

Each year, BGC evaluates the need for a fee increase. Annual fee increases are set primarily based on an annual cost of living adjustment but additional costs may be factored in each year.


Refunds will only be issued due to billing errors. If you feel there is an error on your account, please contact our office immediately.

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