CM By Worksheet

CM Cycle Length

A Diplomate recertifies by meeting the minimum CM requirements for their assigned CM Cycle.

All Diplomates are assigned to a 60 month CM Cycle.

CM Categories

 CM credit must be earned in Category 4 but all the other Categories are optional, providing a flexible, customizable way for the Diplomate to also accrue the required overall CM Points.

Category 1 - Active IH Practice

Category 2 - Technical/Professional Committee Service

Category 3 - Publication of IH Materials

Category 4 - Education

Category 5 - Teaching/Presenting of IH

Category 7 - Other

Activities claimed on the worksheet must be supported through written impartial evidence. If participation cannot be verified, the Diplomate should not list the item on the worksheet. Examples of satisfactory records are listed in each of the Category sections.

Worksheet Form Worksheet forms are in the Document Library. ABIH will only accept CM worksheets that have been issued by ABIH. Older, out-of-date worksheets are honored but the Diplomate is expected to follow the most current CM rules as posted on this web site or in the CM Program Handbook.
Submitting Your Worksheet

Instructions are on the last page of the CM Worksheet. Worksheets can be submitted at or mailed to the ABIH office, 6005 W. St. Joeseph, Suite 300, Lansing, MI, 48917-4876.

Worksheets are initially submitted without proof-of-participation records.

Key Dates

CM Worksheets are submitted according to the Worksheet Reporting Calendar. There four key dates that every Diplomate should know.

Cycle Start Date: the first day to earn CM credit for the cycle. (Contact ABIH if you do not know your CM Cycle Start Date)

Cycle End Date: the last day to earn CM credit for the cycle. Typically this is 60 months after the CM Cycle Start Date. (Your End Date can be found at My Account).

CM Worksheet Due Date: the last day to submit the CMW without penalty. This is one month after the CM Cycle End Date. (Located at My Account). Worksheets can be submitted up to 5 months before the CMW Due Date.

Certificate Expiration Date: All worksheets must be submitted and approved no later than 4 months after the CM Worksheet Due Date or the Diplomate is subject to decertification. (The certificate expiration date can be found on your paper certificate, unless you are on a 54 month cycle or on a cycle extension). Exceptions to decertification include a CM cycle extension, passing the Exam or voluntarily surrendering the certification.

Special Note: The Certificate Expiration Date (on the Diplomate's paper certificate) is not the CM Cycle End Date.

ABIH Reminders ABIH sends several reminder communications during the last 6-7 months of the CM cycle. During this time period, it is important that the Diplomate's contact information is up-to-date.
Worksheet Reviews Worksheets are reviewed in the order in which they are received. The review process can take up to 8 weeks.

ABIH reviews each worksheet until the minimums are achieved. ABIH will contact the Diplomate if the minimums are not achieved or if there is anything unclear or missing on the worksheet.

If a Diplomate is in fees arrears, the worksheet will not be processed until the fees are paid.

CM credit earned in excess of the minimum requirements does not earn extra credit nor does it carry over to a future CM cycle.

Being re-certified does not mean that everything listed on the worksheet was acceptable for CM credit. If a Diplomate has questions about what was or was not acceptable (for purposes of future worksheets), the Diplomate should contact ABIH.
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