CM Categories

Category CM Credit & Acceptable Records
1. IH Practice CM credit for active practice if at least 20% of your job is IH
  • Documents showing company logo or letterhead, name and title
  • Correspondence from the employer (past or current) attesting to work history dates and job responsibilities
2. Committee Service Serving on IH technical and professional committees external to your organization
  • Committee roster for each year of claimed service
  • Documents identifying committee members, e.g., agendas or minutes
  • Acknowledgement letter from the committee Chair or Sponsor
3. Publications IH articles published in peer-reviewed journals or non-peer reviewed magazines outside of your organization
  • Copies of links to the published materials
4. Education

Any IH, safety or ethics training event, internal or external to your organization, as long as it is targeted to the professional level (not technician or technologist level). IH and safety events must be at least one hour in duration. Ethics events can be any duration.


  • When you attend a class or course, you only need one acceptable proof-of-completion record (see below) such as a certificate, roster, transcript or other acknowledgement of your participation.
  • When you attend a conference, you typically will need two records: 1) a registration receipt and 2) a record such as an expense report which proves that you were physically in the city on the days of the claimed CM credit.

An acceptable proof-of-completion record will indicate the Diplomate’s name, date of completion, event title, event Sponsor/Provider and the duration (e.g. hours or CEUs).  If any of this information is missing or if the subject matter is not clear from the title, then additional records will be needed, e.g., event description, agenda or schedule.

If the Sponsor or Provider doesgenerate a record, it can be one of the following:

  • Certificate, letter/email, transcript, roster or other record showing completion
  • Registration receipt if purchased on site, at a single-day event
  • Event badge if only issued on site, at a single-day event

If the event Sponsor or Provider does not generate a participation record and the Sponsor, Provider or Content Owner does not have any additional restrictions for use, participation or viewing, then the Diplomate may use one of the following:

  • Registration record and evidence of physical presence in the city on the day(s) of the event, e.g. approved expense report, purchase receipts
  • Attendance Roster
  • ABIH Attendance Verification Form
  • CIH vouching (allowed once per CM cycle)

NOTE - If you are claiming the same class more than once during a CM cycle (e.g. annual ethics training), you will also need to retain something which shows that the content changed by more than 50% each time it was taught.

5. Teach & Present Teaching or presenting IH to any audience outside of your organization and job responsbilities
  • Agenda or schedule showing name, topics, date and time
  • Sponsor acknowledgement indicating presentation length and topic
6. Exam Retake (and pass) the Exam in lieu of submitting a worksheet. This option is open only to a CIH certified in Comprehensive Practice.
7. Approved Other Includes mentoring, other Professional certifications, and many other miscellaneous activities
  • Participation records or certificates
  • Sponsor acknowledgements
  • Exam completion letters or Public Rosters (from other examining bodies)
  • Mentoring - Pre-approval letter from ABIH unless the organization has been pre-approved. See the ABIH web site.
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