CM Credit for Educational Events

Special Note on Claiming CM Hours for AIHce 2017

AIHce 2017 was shortened from 4.5 days to 3 days, providing 11 hours of regularly-scheduled technical content; however additional hours may be claimed in the following situations:

  • Attendees who also participated in the additional early-morning and late-evening sessions may claim up to 7 more hours of in-person attendance at AIHce (18 hours total).

  • Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday PDCs may be claimed at either 4 or 8 hours and will be entered on the educational transcripts of attendees.

  • Attendees will also be able to obtain additional hours toward CM credit through recorded sessions on demand.  Recordings should be available from mid-July through December 31, 2017 (please contact AIHA for more information).

In addition to registration information or AIHA transcripts, attendees should keep documentation to validate CM hours being claimed for the conference (airfare, hotel receipts, etc., as indicated in ABIH guidance under ‘Records').

CM credit can be claimed if an educational event:

  • Is completed during the Diplomate's CM cycle,
  • Is targeted to the professional level (not technician or technoligist), advancing or enhancing  the person’s technical knowledge and/or skills,
  • Has subject matter content that is:
    1. at least one hour of IH or safety related material, or
    2. ethics related (can be any duration).

CM credit is claimed at a rate of 0.167 CM point per each hour of technical content in the CM Areas of  IH, Safety, or IH Ethics. Fractional points are allowed once the one-hour minimum is acheived for IH or Safety events (e.g. 1.5 hours = 0.25 CM point).

Technical Contact Hours

Includes technical portions such as presentations, lectures, break outs, Q&A, exams, event overview, event recaps, and discussions.

Excludes the non-technical portions such as generic welcome speeches, participant introductions, breaks, meals, networking, exhibitor time, roundtables or discussions with unspecified topics, social tours


  • Use or claim the technical contact hours as provided by the Sponsor regardless of the actual time it takes to complete the course. Note that some Sponsors use CEUs (1 CEU = 10 technical contact hours). If the total course hours are not provided by the Sponsor, caclulate the hours from an agenda or schedule (see note below).
  • Academic courses receive 15 hours (2.5 CM points) per academic semester credit-hour, or 10 hours (1.67 CM point) if on the academic quarter-hour system.


  • Claim 3 hours for each half day of attendance, or
  • Track and claim your actual hours of attendance in the technical sessions.

Note: Claiming the maximum time at a conference usually means that you attended every possible technical session and you did not do any non-technical activity, e.g., breaks, networking, Vendor visits, awards, social, etc.

As a matter of convenience, most Diplomates use the "3 hours/half day" estimate. As with courses, one (1) hour of technical contact time = 0.167 point.

Calculating the Technical Contact Hours From an Agenda

When calculating the technical contact hours from an agenda or schedule, the time can be;

  • Estimated, using the avg hours/half day, e.g., 2.5 hours/half day X 6 half days = 15 hours 
  • Rounded down but not up, e.g., 95 minutes = 1.5 hours
  • Exact, e.g., 75 minutes = 1.25 hours
Claiming CM credit

CM credit is claimed at a rate of 0.167 point per hour (1 CM point = 6 hours) in at least one of the CM Areas (IH, Safety or IH Ethics).

EX: An 8 hour respiratory protection class can be claimed for 1.34 IH points. A 30 minute Code-of-Conduct class can be claimed for 0.08 IH Ethics points.

If an event has technical content in more than one CM Area, the Diplomate may:

  • Use the one CM Area that is >50% of the technical content, OR
  • Use each of the CM Areas, assigning the time accordingly

EX: An 8 hour PDC is 75% IH and 25% ethics. This could be claimed as either:

  • 8 IH hours (1.34 CM points)  OR
  • 6 IH hours (1 point) and 2 IH Ethics hours (0.33 point)
Additional Resources

Overview (~1 Mb, PDF) and Supplemental Information (~500K, PDF)

For questions or help: Contact ABIH or call 517-321-2638.

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Event Providers

This section contains:

  1. Suggested Language for Event Advertising
  2. ABIH List Rental

ABIH? Diplomates are required to attend educational events but the Diplomate, not ABIH, will calculate the CM credit for an event. CM credit claimed by Diplomates is based on technical contact hours of your event. See the CM credit calculation method above to better understand technical vs. non-technical contact hours.

Acceptable events must by IH or safety related, with a duration of at least one hour. Ethics events are also acceptable and can be any duration.

Prior to 2011, ABIH provided an event review service where we issued CM points and CM Approval Numbers. That service was discontinued and the use of the CM Approval Numbers is no longer valid or authorized by ABIH. ABIH encourages all Content Owners/Provider to discontinue use of the CM Approval Numbers and CM Point values previously awarded by ABIH.

Today, ABIH Diplomates simply want to know the number of technical contact hours  in your event (not the CM points).

1. Suggested Language for Event

Event Providers or Sponsors are not obligated to communicate the technical contact hours or CEU value (if using the IACET system) for an educational event; however, doing so makes the event more attractive to ABIH Diplomates.

Some suggested language is provided below. ABIH does not require you to use this language. If your language deviates significantly from what is listed below or you are concerned about the accuracy and clarity, ABIH will be glad to review and provide feedback to you. You will not be obligated to use the ABIH feedback. 

One firm rule that ABIH does proactively review and enforce: Event Providers or Sponsors should not imply that ABIH has approved or endorsed an event, even if the event was previously awarded CM credit by ABIH.

An acceptable certificate of completion for an event typically includes: the event title, Sponsor/Provider name, date(s) of offering/completion, Participant's name, location (if pertinent) and the technical contact hours or CEU value.

Contact Hours  Known? Media Suggested Language
Yes Advertising/Marketing ABIH? Diplomates can earn up XX technical contact hours (or CEU value) for this event. See for more information
  Certificate of Completion This event is worth XX technical contact hours (or CEU value).
No Advertising/Marketing ABIH? Diplomates can claim CM credit for this event. See for more information
  Certificate of Completion This event can be claimed for CM credit by ABIH? Diplomates.

*Note that events previously awarded CM points by  ABIH in the area of general "Management" are no longer eligible for CM credit in the ABIH system.

For questions or help, contact ABIH at or 517-321-2638.

2. ABIH List Rental

Advertising an event to ABIH? Diplomates can dramatically increase its visibility and maximize the participation rates.

An ABIH list rental allows you to reach thousands of CIHs, or it can be customized to target audiences.

For more information, contact INFOCUS Marketing at:

You can also view more about ABIH at



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