2. Committees


Point Limits:  No Minimum, Maximum of 5 points/cycle

If you are the Then for each 12 months of service, claim ^
Committee Chair or
Local Section President
1 point
Committee Member or
Local Section, Committee Member, Elected Officer, or Director
0.5 point

^Points can be pro-rated (e.g., 18 months as Committee Chair = 1.5 points)

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Committee Scope

CM points are awarded for IH technical or professional committee service outside of the Diplomate's organization. In general, if the work aligns with the IH Rubrics or the CIH Exam Blueprint, it can be counted as IH.

For example:

Serving on this committee:

Acceptable for CM Points?


Yes (it's IH related)

Statewide Ergonomics Task force

Yes (It's IH related)

Internal Company PPE Standards

No (Internal company not eligible)

National Fall Protection Standard

No (Safety topic not eligible)
AIHA Local Section Committee Member 

Yes (0.5 point)

AIHA Local Section Elected Director or Officer

Yes (0.5 point)

Minimum Time Commitment None. ABIH? places no conditions on how often the committee meets, how much time is invested, or how much progress is made.


Diplomate records must be consistent with the dates and activities listed on the CM worksheet. If participation cannot be verified, the Diplomate should not list the item on the worksheet.

Acceptable records include but are not limited to:

  • Documents published by the Committee Sponsor or Society, showing the Committee roster for each year of claimed service
  • Pertinent documents or correspondence which identify you as a committee member, e.g., meeting agendas or minutes
  • If the Diplomate served on a committee but their name was not well documented, additional information will be needed, e.g., a letter from the committee chair.

Diplomates should retain records until after a recertification decision has been made.

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