6. Exam


Point Limits: No Minimum, Maximum of 40 points for passing the exam



Any CIH? certified in Comprehensive Practice may take the exam during the two exam periods immediately preceding the end of their cycle, or the exam period immediately after the end of the cycle.

CIHs that plan on taking the exam for recertification are required to:

  1. Be in good standing, i.e. no outstanding fees or ethics complaints
  2. Complete at least 2 hours of ethics training during their CM cycle and prior to the Exam
  3. Submit the CM By Exam request form (see How To Apply below)
  4. Pay the exam fee

A CIH who passes the exam is not required to submit a CM worksheet.

How to Apply Submit the CM By Exam request form.

CIHs are not held to the exam application deadline date of February 1 (spring exam) and August 1 (fall exam).The exam windows are April-May (spring) and October-November (fall).
Eligibility Any CIH certified in Comprehensive Practice may take the exam.

Since the Aspects and CAIH examinations have been discontinued, maintaining certification by taking these exams is no longer an option. Diplomates could apply for the comprehensive exam if their current work experience qualifies.


Evidence of ethics training.

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