5. Teaching & Presenting


Point Limits: No Minimums, Maximum = 20 points/CM cycle

Delivered as with time as
then claim
A National or International Conference, peer-reviewed^ Live presentation* > 20 minutes 1 point – Presenter
0.5 point - Co-Author (non-presenter)

Static display, e.g. a poster+


0.5 point - Primary Author
All other events Live teaching or presenting
and asynchronous teaching
> 20 minutes 

0.33 point/hour 

(linear formula)

^ Peer-reviewed means that the work was subjected to a knowledgeable peer(s) associated with the event, who had authority to accept, edit, or reject the presentation materials. Evaluation criteria are usually transparent, having rigor and discipline so that objectivity is maintained.

* Typically, a podium-style presentation or panel discussion.

+ A poster session where the author is not required to speak or be present. If required to speak or be present for Q&A, it is considered to be a live presentation, not a static poster session.

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Acceptable Topics & Scope

The topic must be IH or IH-related which means that it aligns to the IH Rubrics or the CIH Exam Blueprint. Teaching or presenting must be outside of the Diplomate’s organization and primary job responsibilities.

For example, an Academic Teacher could claim Category 5 CM credit when teaching an external PDC at a National Conference but could not claim Category 5 CM credit when teaching at their university (because it is within their primary organization and job description).


Diplomates whose primary job is as a Consultant are bound to the same rules as above. In general, Consultants usually may claim CM credit for any Conference presentation; however, teaching can typically only be claimed if it:

  • Is not part of the normal range of services offered by the consultancy, or
  • Is part of the normal range of offered services but was provided without compensation.

Sales, advertising and marketing presentations soliciting the audience to purchase the Consultant’s products or services are not eligible for Category 5 CM credit.

Academic Classes Teaching an IH-related academic class (that is not part of your organization and job responsibilities) can be claimed at a rate of 15 hours of teaching credit per academic semester credit hour. (10 hours if on the quarter-hour system).
Double-Dipping Diplomates should avoid claiming CM credit when both presenting (Category 5) and participating (Category 4) at the same event.

ABIH? has not established specifications in this area but as rule of thumb, the Diplomate may claim both Category 4 and 5 credit if the presentation time is < 15% of the total participation time (e.g., 1-hour teaching during a 6-hour class).

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Diplomate records must be consistent with the dates and activities listed on the CM worksheet. If the teaching or presentation cannot be verified, the Diplomate should not list the item on the worksheet.

Acceptable records include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence in the form of an agenda, schedule or proceedings showing name, topics, dates and times
  • Sponsor acknowledgment indicating the length and topic of the presentation

Diplomates should retain records until after a recertification decision has been made.

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