Worksheet Audits


During each CM cycle, some Diplomates are randomly selected for a CM audit. Activities claimed on the worksheet are verified through written, impartial records.

Random Selection Diplomates are selected in chronological order of CM worksheet submission. Usually, 5% of the cycle will be selected for an audit although ABIH may choose to audit a higher percentage when needed to accomplish other business objectives.

Audit Purpose
  • Verify that the Diplomate has achieved the minimum requirements necessary for re-certification.
  • Identify areas where Diplomates have difficulty in providing records so that ABIH may continuously improve its programs.
Audit Notification Diplomates selected for an audit are notified regarding which records are required. The provided records must be consistent with the dates and activities listed on the CM worksheet. Examples of satisfactory records are listed in each of the CM Categories.

Diplomates are normally allowed four weeks to send the audit records to ABIH?. This may occasionally be adjusted to account for holiday time periods or special circumstances if the Diplomate does not have access to the records. The Diplomate must contact ABIH to request additional time which may or may not be granted.

Results All audit results are reported to the Diplomate.

If the provided records supports that the Diplomate has met the minimum requirements, a recertification letter and new certificate is mailed.

If the provided records do not support that the required minimum credit was achieved, the Diplomate will be contacted to secure other records or look for additional, overlooked CM point opportunities.

Audit Failure

The Diplomate will have failed to maintain certification if:

  • the audit records were not submitted
  • the audit records do not support that the minimum requirements were achieved
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