Worksheet Reporting Calendar


Diplomates can check their CM Cycle End Date and Worksheet Due Date at My Account. The CM Cycle Start Date isbe manually calculated from the Cycle End Date.

Cycle Duration 1 Passed Exam Cycle Start  & End Date 2 Submit CMW 3
$100 Late Fee  3 Include Audit Records 3 Last Day to Submit 4
60 months Spring July 1 – June 30 Mar 1 – Aug 1 Aug 2 – Nov 1 Oct 1 – Nov 1 Nov 1
60 months Fall Jan 1 – Dec 31 Sept 1 – Feb 1 Feb 2 – May 1 Ap 1 – May 1 May 1

1 All Diplomates are assigned to the 60 month CM cycle that starts immediately after passing the exam or after completing their previous CM cycle.

2 CM credit can only be earned during this time period. If a Diplomate is granted a Cycle Extension, an additional 6 months will be allowed for earning CM credit and the Diplomate will receive new instructions.

3 Worksheets must be received via email or postmarked by Midnight EST on the final day in order to avoid the next penalty phase. CMW submission instructions are on the CMW form.

4 Worksheets submitted on or after this day likely will not be processed due to limited time before certifcation expiration.

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